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I-90, June 7, 2001

Rob's picture: Westbound on the Indiana East West Toll Road, west of South Bend.

Rob's picture: There's our ticket for the toll.

Rob's picture: Paving work on the Toll Road.

Rob's picture: Here, we leave I-80 for a few weeks. From here, we start the big northern part of our loop. The only roads we will double back on from here to the west is the Alaska Highway between Whitehorse and Tok.

Rob's picture: We cross I-65.

Rob's picture: Getting close to beautiful Gary, Indiana.

Rob's picture: It is very industrial around here.

Rob's picture: A US Steel building.

Rob's picture: Public transportation in Gary.

Rob's picture: It's electric public transportation.

Rob's picture: Continuing along, now in Hammond, Indiana.

Rob's picture: Almost to Chicago.
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