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Denali National Park, June 19, 2001

At the second rest stop, at the top of Polychrome Pass. This is Mile 46 of the Park Road. [800x600][1600x1200]

The rest stop from the top of the trail in the previous picture. [800x600][1600x1200]

Lots of really nice view from here. [800x600][1600x1200]

A ground squirrel, I think. [800x600][1600x1200]

Maybe it's something else, but it's some sort of rodent. Looks like the Arctic Ground Squirrel in the guide book. [800x600][1600x1200]

Looking across the valley from Polychrome Pass. [800x600][1600x1200]

Another braided river - the East Fork Toklat River. [800x600][1600x1200]

Another look at the river. [800x600][1600x1200]

In the valley we see two interesting features of the glacial valley. The large, out-of-place rock is called an erratic, left by the glacier. The small round pond is called a kettle pond, formed when a chunk of glacier leaves a hole in the sediment. [800x600][1600x1200]

Looking up the road from the rest area. [800x600][1600x1200]
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