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Clarke Sawmill

The Alaskan Highway

Rock cut

The snowcovered peaks of the Rockies

Sikanni River Chief Bridge

More Rockies in the distance.

Stopped at a construction zone.

Bougie Creek

Pipeline over the highway

Muskawa River

Muskwa River bridge, lowest point on AK highway

Fort Nelson



Summit Lake elevation 4,250 feet highest point on Alaska highway

Stone mountain

More mountains

Sheep on the highway

More sheep

Another mountain


Sawteeth mountains


More sawteeth

Muncho Lake

Muncho Lake

More mountains

Jade Lake


Lower Liard River Bridge, only Suspension bridge on AK highway

Liard River Hotsprings

More hotsprings

The boardwalk back to the car from the springs

Looking at hot water fish

Buffalo crossing

Liard River

Yukon/BC Border from BC

From YT

Road Construction

Temporary 1 lane bridge

Crossing the border again (we wind across it 7 times on the AK highway)

Welcome to the Yukon Tue Jun 12 22:49:31 PDT 2001

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