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Fruit cache in Tok

Back on the AK highway

End of the AK highway in Delta Junction.

Delta Junction

Pump Station #9 on the pipeline

Sample piece of the pipe

Pipeline bridge over the Talula River

More pipeline

Bridge over the Talula next to the pipeline

Planes at E___ Air Force Base outside Fairbanks

Fighter planes

North Pole, AK

They have McDonalds there.

Mount Deborah

Mount Hess

On the Campus of University of Alaska Fairbanks

Sign describing the mountains on the campus

Mt McKinley (from over 100 miles away)

Mount Hayes and Deborah

McKinley again... this picture doesn't do it justice

The hockey rink at UAF

Fairbanks at 12:30 AM

One last view of the mountains at 12:30 AM Sat Jun 16 09:52:34 AKDT 2001

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