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On the road to Skagway

Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake (again)

Carcross Desert

Forget-me-not in the desert

More desert

Bove Island

more Bove Island

Venus Mill

more Venus Mill

Rock cut on rt 2

Through the mountains

Into British Columbia (for a brief time)

Chilkoot trail (and White pass railroad)

The tracks and a mountain

Tutshi Lake

Fraser, BC and Canadian customs

Time zone change (but not officially until the border)

Snow a few feet from the car

Standing on a snow pile

White pass

The border
Monument at the border

Shack at the border

Welcome to Alaska (again)

White pass, elevation 3,292

Captain William Moore Bridge

US Customs

Railroad tressle


more Skagway3

White pass snow removal

The railroad terminal


Train stopped in the road

Gold rush

Some sort of ship loading thing

Waiting for the boat

The Matanuska

Too bad this isn't our boat

Looking out at the Taiya Inlet

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