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Midnight sun on the ferry

Ferry stop in Wrangell

House across the street from the ferry

Downtown Wrangell

Port and a cruise ship

Cruise ship

Supermarket is closed

Post office

Everything in Wrangell

City street

Back on the ferry

Low clouds

Cabin level corridor

Some clearing

Tug and barge

Prince of Wales Island

Clouding back up

Its raining

Recliner lounge


Approaching our next stop

Rainy Ketchikan

Approaching Ketchikan

Cruise ship

Sawmill on Prince of Wales Island

Plane coming in for a landing at Ketchikan

same plane

Another plane

Port and the ferry Columbia


Ferry Columbia

Another Ferry

Leaving the parking lot in Ketchikan

The port

Their roads go nowhere but you can still get a Big Mac

Walking through town

Side street

High rise

Salmon spawning

Leaving town

Dining area

Still raining


Last piece of Prince of Wales Island

Setting sun

The open Pacific Ocean

British Columbia land

Prince Ruport, BC

Its dark on the boat

Prince Ruport

Darkness!!!!!!! Mon Jun 25 00:07:38 AKDT 2001

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