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Alaska 2001: Day 2 Travel Log

June 7, 2001

8:25 AM2986Start: South Bend, IN
City streets, US 31, US 20 around South Bend
9:03 AM3002Fuel: Speedway, South Bend
I-80/90 West
9:21 AM EST/CDT3015Entered Central Time Zone, but the time stayed the same
I-90 West
10:18 AM3077Entered Illinois
US 41, Lake Shore Drive North
10:40 AM3093Parking in Chicago at the lakefront
City streets
3102Parking near Wrigley Field
City streets
I-90 East
I-55 South
Local streets near Lemont
6:36 PM3139End: Lemont, IL

Day 2 Mileage: 153 miles, total so far: 965 miles..

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