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Alaska 2001: Day 4 Travel Log

June 9, 2001

8:27 AM3626Start: Super 8 in Becker, MN
US 10 West
8:46 AM3645Fuel, Amoco, St. Cloud, MN
I-94 West
11:35 AM3816Entered North Dakota
Local streets in Fargo
12:03 PM3826Lunch, A&W, Fargo
1:00 PM3833Roger Maris Museum, Fargo
I-29 North
Local streets in Grand Forks
2:19 PM3913Stop to look around Grand Forks, ND
3918Fuel stop, Conoco, Grand Forks
US 2 West
I-29 North
4:03 PM3995Entered Canada and Manitoba
Manitoba 75 North
5:57 PM4071ATM stop in Winnipeg
6:51 PM4118Dinner, at a cafe in Portage la Prairie
7:45 PM4121End: Super 8 in Portage la Prairie

Day 4 Mileage: 495 miles, total so far: 1957 miles..

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