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Alaska 2001: Day 5 Travel Log

June 10, 2001

8:00 AM4121Start: Super 8 in Portage la Prairie
Trans Canada 1 West
9:49 AM4244Fuel: Esso in Virdon, MB
10:20 AM CDT4272Entered Saskatchewan
Left Central Daylight Time, entered Central Standard Time (possibly at the MB-SK line)
11:39 AM CST4422Lunch stop at Mr. Sub in Regina
Saskatchewan 11 North
12:07 PM4426Stopped to wait for a train in Regina
2:28 PM4587Fuel stop at Esso in Saskatoon
Yellowhead Route, Trans Canada 16 West
Around 4:20 PMEntered Mountain Daylight Time (but didn't have to change the clocks)
5:12 PM4759Entered Alberta
5:52 PM4798Dinner, Sammy's Drive In, Vermilion, AB
Local streets in Edmonton
8:19 PM4917Skyreach Centre, Edmonton
8:46 PM4926End: Super 8 in Edmonton

Day 5 Mileage: 805 miles, total so far: 2662 miles..

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