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Alaska 2001: Day 7 Travel Log

June 12, 2001

7:16 AM5350Start: Ron's RV Park in Charlie Lake
7:22 AM5352Fuel and breakfast, Mile 54 Cafe
8:00 AMBC 97, Alaska Highway North
9:25 AM5444Short break, Mile 146
10:04 AM5482Turnout for pictures, Mile 182
10:43 AM5521Traffic stop for construction, Mile 222
11:39 AM5581Stopped for pictures at the Muskawa River, the lowest point on the Alaska Highway
11:49 AM5583Fuel, FasGas, Fort Nelson. Also car wash, post office, lunch stops
early afternoonAssorted stops for pictures
3:34 PM5704Toad River Cafe
4:22 PM5738Muncho Lake Turnout
5:13 PM5778Liard River Hot Springs Provicial Park
7:24 PM5848Big turnout at MP550
7:48 PM5864Yukon Territory, at least sort of. The road doesn't cross here anymore with a new routing as of 2000.
Alaska Highway becomes Yukon 1
8:49 PM5909End: Gateway Motel, Watson Lake.

Day 7 Mileage: 559 miles, total so far: 3745 miles..

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