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Alaska 2001: Day 8 Travel Log

June 13, 2001

8:23 AM5909Start: Watson Lake
8:26 AM5910Fuel, FasGas in Watson Lake, also groceries and Signpost Forest
Alaska Highway, Yukon 1 North and West
9:43 AM5924Cassiar Mountain overlook
10:10 AM5997Continental Divide
10:27 AM6008Entered British Columbia
11:07 AM6048Entered Yukon
12:43 PM6156Marsh Lake Viewpoint
Yukon 1A in Whitehorse
1:48 PM6186River View Hotel in Whitehorse
Whitehorse Airport
6199End: Hotel in Whitehorse

Day 8 Mileage: 290 miles, total so far: 4035 miles..

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