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Alaska 2001: Day 10 Travel Log

June 15, 2001

9:21 AM6594Start: Golden Bear Motel, Tok
9:29 AM6594Fuel, Chevron, Tok
Alaska Highway, Alaska 2 North
6611Viewpoint at Mile 1330
10:48 AM6643Construction Delay
10:59 AM6652Turnout
11:53 AM6704Delta Junction Visitors Center, End of the Alaska Highway
Richardson Highway, Alaska 4 South
1:42 PM6713Pump Station No. 9, Alaska Pipeline Tour
Richardson Highway, Alaska 4 North
3:30 PM6718Overlook of the Alaska Range on the Richardson Highway
Richardson Highway, Alaska 2 North
3:50 PM6731Alaska Pipeline Tanana River Crossing
4:12 PM6743Alaska Range viewpoint
4:30 PM6751Another Alaska Range viewpoint
Local Streets and Expressways in Fairbanks
~6:00 PM6821Golden North Motel, Fairbanks
9:50 PM6831Back at Golden North Motel after dinner and visit to UAF
11:50 PMSafeway for groceries (continued on 6/16)

Day 10 Mileage: 237 miles, total so far: 4667 miles..

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