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Alaska 2001: Day 13 Travel Log

June 18, 2001

10:10 AM6948Start: Golden North Motel in Fairbanks
10:27 AM6953Downtown Fairbanks
Parks Highway, Alaska 3 South
1:07 PM6989Overlook on the Parks Highway
1:21 PM6995Overlook on the Parks Highway, Apx Mile 320
2:40 PM7072Nenana River crossing overlook
2:50 PM7074Stop to watch the train and the rapids on the Nenana
3:00 PM7076Park Mart in the town outside of Denali NP
Denali Mountain Morning Lodge
Denali Highway, Alaska 8 East
Denali Highway, Alaska 8 West
Parks Highway, Alaska 3 South
6:25 PM7157Denali viewpoint on Parks Highway
Parks Highway, Alaska 3 North
Dinner, Tsesyu Time to Eat Cafe, Cantwell
7:49 PM7172End: Denali Mountain Morning Lodge, Carlo Creek

Day 13 Mileage: 224 miles, total so far: 5008 miles..

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