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Alaska 2001: Day 15 Travel Log

June 20, 2001

9:50 AM7212Start: Denali Mountain Morning Lodge
Parks Highway, Alaska 3 South
10:09 AM7226Breakfast and fuel, Cantwell
11:00 AM7235McKinley viewpoint, 9 miles South of Cantwell
11:29 AM7253Viewpoint, 27 miles South of Cantwell
11:37 AM7262Viewpoint, Hurricane Gulch, 36 miles South of Cantwell
12:02 PM7274Denali View North
12:33 PM7302Denali View South
1:38 PM7323Viewpoint, but not Denali
1:52 PM7327Spectacular view of Denali from the side of the highway
Glenn Highway, Alaska 1 North
3:26 PM7416Alaska Choice Motel, Palmer
Glenn Highway, Alaska 1 South
Local streets in Anchorage
4:39 PM7459Downtown Anchorage
6:38 PMDinner, Pepper Mill Restaurant, Anchorage
8:28 PM7464Fuel, Chevron, Anchorage
8:37 PM7462Earthquake Park, Anchorage
Glenn Highway, Alaska 1 North
10:55 PM7513End: Alaska Choice Motel, Palmer

Day 15 Mileage: 301 miles, total so far: 5349 miles..

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