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Alaska 2001: Day 16 Travel Log

June 21, 2001

9:31 AM7513Start: Alaska Choice Motel, Palmer
Glenn Highway, Alaska 1 North
Local streets in Palmer to Post Office
10:05 AM7531Construction Delay
10:58 AM7567First Matanuska Glacier viewpoint
11:06 AM7569Matanuska Glacier State Recreation Area
11:26 AM7571Glacier View park
1:31 PM7576Leaving Glacier View
Lunch overlooking Matanuska Glacier
4:00 PM7651Historical Marker, 10 miles West of Glenallen
4:15 PM7664Glenallen Visitor Center
Richardson Highway, Alaska 4, South
4:46 PM7673Wrangell-St. Elias National Park Visitor Center
Richardson Highway, Alaska 4, North
5:15 PM7681Scenic View, Richardson Highway Mile 112
Tok Cutoff, Alaska 1 North
6:05 PM7721Viewpoint
7:03 PM7762Viewpoint with many mountains
8:05 PM7822Snowshoe Motel, Tok
Trips back and forth on the Alaska Highway in Tok for fuel, laundry, etc
9:55 PM7825Fuel, Texaco, Tok
11:08 PM7829End: back to Snowshoe Motel in Tok

Day 16 Mileage: 316 miles, total so far: 5665 miles..

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