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Alaska 2001: Day 17 Travel Log

June 22, 2001

10:17 AM7829Start: Snowshoe Motel in Tok
Alaska Highway, Alaska 2 East
11:45 AM AKDT, 12:45 PM PDT7920Entered Canada, Yukon Terrirory, and Pacific Time Zone
Alaska Highway, Yukon Route 1 East
1:10-1:25 PM7938Canada Customs
1:29 PM7940Lunch, Ida's in Beaver Creek
3:43 PM8013Kluane Icefields Range viewpoint
5:09 PM8081Sheep Mountain Visitors Centre
6:07 PM8125Fuel and Dinner, Haines Junction
8:19 PM8183Takhini Burn viewpoint
Local streets in Whitehorse
9:09 PM8223End: River View Hotel in Whitehorse

Day 17 Mileage: 406 miles, total so far: 6059 miles..

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