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Ashburn, Virginia, to Amsterdam, New York - July 13, 2008

US 15 to I-81 to I-88 to NY 30.

Coming up on US 15 from Virginia 7. [Crop/Zoom: 1354x494]

Gas stop in northern Virginia. [Larger: 1744x1308]

Harrisburg area on I-81. [Crop/Zoom: 1584x836]

I-81 near Harrisburg. [Crop/Zoom: 2298x680]

[Crop/Zoom: 1510x716]

I-81 in PA. [Crop/Zoom: 1005x1100]

[Crop/Zoom: 1153x938]

[Crop/Zoom: 1090x693]

[Crop/Zoom: 2900x674]

[Crop/Zoom: 1669x713]

Slow car carrying a gas grill, bottling up the traffic. [Larger: 1744x1308]

[Crop/Zoom: 1595x879]

[Larger: 1744x1308]

[Crop/Zoom: 938x780]

[Crop/Zoom: 2248x1220]

[Crop/Zoom: 1624x908]

[Crop/Zoom: 826x463]

[Crop/Zoom: 1484x1149]

[Crop/Zoom: 817x943]

Into New York, it's now I-86 for a while east of Binghamton. [Crop/Zoom: 1051x963]

[Crop/Zoom: 1029x760]

Coming up on I-88 in Binghamton. [Crop/Zoom: 2290x584]

Jumping ahead to NY 30/US 20. [Crop/Zoom: 420x758]
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