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Atlantis Resort, Nassau, Bahamas - November 24, 2006

Dinner at Carmine's.

Curt, Tim, Debbie. [1744x1308]

Mary Bess, Phil, Martha, Curt. [1744x1308]

Martha, Curt, Tim, Debbie. [1744x1308]

Across to the kids table.

Some of the excellent food. [1744x1308]

Declan, Michael, Becky.

Declan and Becky pose for a different camera. [1744x1308]

Joe DiMaggio. [1744x1308]

Austin. [1744x1308]

Artistic shot on the table. [1744x1308]

John, Cathy, Elizabeth. [1744x1308]

The kids table got a bit messy. [1744x1308]
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