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Atlantis Resort, Nassau, Bahamas - November 24, 2006

The Lazy River Ride and the cold slide.

The gang is leaving the lazy river. [1744x1308]

Here comes Cathy. [1744x1308]


Jarrard. [1744x1308]

Jake and Sadie. [1744x1308]


Ellie and the same two. [1744x1308]

Jake ready to slide. [1744x1308]

And sliding. [1744x1308]

In the cold water after the slide. [1744x1308]

Ellie. [Closer]

Debbie. [1744x1308]

Michael ready to slide. [1744x1308]

Cathy. [1744x1308]





Under the waterfall. [1744x1308]
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