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Lake Louise Ski Area - Fall Line Glades

January 18, 2000. Pictures from our trip down the Fall Line Glades.

Jim coming down through the Fall Line Glades. The trails in this area are all winding through the trees and you can cut back and forth without knowing for sure which one you're on. But they have names like "Turn or Burn", "The Plunge", "Big Trees", "Mind Bender", and "The Equalizer".

Jim up front and Rick in the back, coming down the Fall Line Glades. This particular part is not too steep, but it was very steep and interesting leading up to this part. We are ready to rest a little.

Rick emerges from the Fall Line Glades. Notice all the nice, untracked powder. The nicest part about these glade trails is the amount of fresh powder, even long after the snow has stopped falling.

A view across at the Larch area from the same spot.
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