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Cape Cod Bay - May 30, 2003

We biked from the park out Crosby Lane to Cape Cod Bay late in the afternoon.

The tide seems to be pretty far out. [1024x768][2048x1536]

There's a bit of a dune here. [1024x768][2048x1536]



You can't see it in this picture, but much of the cape beyond "the elbow" is visible here. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Looking across at some of the cape beyond the elbow. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Remains of a horseshoe crab. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Looking back toward Brewster. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Plenty of shells. [1024x768][2048x1536]


On the way back, we cross the Cape Cod Rail Trail - Saturday's activity. [1024x768][2048x1536]


This is actually from a trip to the grocery store, but it isn't worthy of its own page. [1024x768][2048x1536]
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