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Gaithersburg, Maryland to Williamstown, Massachusetts - June 17, 2006

Just signs and other things not worthy of their own page.

Lots of these in Maryland.

Crossing I-70.

An 808.



A 496.

Near Gettysburg. [3488x2616]


Coming up on the Pennsylvania Turnpike on US 15 North. [3488x2616]

We're not actually on I-76. There must be an arrow missing. [3488x2616]

Coming up on Harrisburg.

Crossing I-81 on US 11 and US 15 near Harrisburg.

An 850 in Marysville, PA.

A 274.

Crossing US 22 and US 322 on US 11 and US 15.

Pennsylvania offers lots of helpful advice..

Crossing the West Branch of the Susquehanna on US 11.

A 642 along PA 147. [3488x2616]

Crossing I-80. [3488x2616]

147 ends and I-180 begins.


It's Alternate US 15 and I-180. [3488x2616]

It's a 442. [3488x2616]

It's a 239. 2, in fact. [3488x2616]


One truck at a time, please. [3488x2616]

It's the end of 309.

A 292.

Near Tunkhannock, PA. [3488x2616]

Route 92: short cut to US 11 North.

Picking up US 11 in Nicholson. [3488x2616]

A 547. [3488x2616]

A 706. [3488x2616]

More numbers. [3488x2616]

Even more numbers.

US 11 in New York is the VFW Memorial Highway. [3488x2616]

NY 17 is almost I-86. Soon. [3488x2616]


Backwards I-86 just east of Binghamton. [3488x2616]

My cut up to I-88. [3488x2616]

Ouaquaga is along NY 79. [3488x2616]


Harpursville is along NY 79. [3488x2616]

A NY 206, now an exit on I-88. [3488x2616]

A NY 357. [3488x2616]
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