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Train Back to Denmark - June 24, 2004

Back across the Øresundbridge.

On the way out of Malmö. There's a McDonald's behind those trees. [1024x768][2048x1536]

An odd-looking building. It's a flying saucer on the top of a building, but it went behind this hill before I got a picture. Thanks again to Andreas Vilén who points out that this is a water tower, which formerly had a restaurant on top in the "saucer", with a lookout balcony around the building. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Last exit in Sweden (for the cars on E20). [1024x768][2048x1536]



Bridge toll booths. [1024x768][2048x1536]

On the way back across Øresundbridge. [1024x768][2048x1536]


Crossing the main channel. [1024x768][2048x1536]

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