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Copenhagen, Denmark - June, 2004

Cathy's pictures from a Picture CD, Roll 2.

Stuff at Trekroner. [1536x1024]


The harbor at Trekroner. [1536x1024]


Windmills and breakwater from Trekroner. [1536x1024]

Trekroner. [1536x1024]

Bridge to Kastellet. [1536x1024]

In the Kastellet. [1536x1024]

Boats in the harbor. [1536x1024]

Yderhavnen. [1536x1024]

Christianshavns Kanal. [1536x1024]

Christianshavns Kanal. [1536x1024]

Harbor tour. [1536x1024]

Approaching a low bridge on the harbor tour. [1536x1024]

Swans. [1536x1024]

Stodsgraven from Lovens Bastion in Christianshavn. [1536x1024]

Christians Kirke. [1536x1024]

The black diamond from the boat. [1536x1024]

View from behind the hotel of Peblinge Sø. [1536x1024]

Day after the soccer match at the Town Hall Square. [1536x1024]

Reconstruction of a Viking boat at the Viking Museum in Roskilde. [1536x1024]

Boats at the Viking Museum in Roskilde. [1536x1024]
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