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Warren to Grosse Pointe, Michigan - October 8, 2006

From the hotel in Warren to the Grosse Pointe area.

We start at I-696. [Closer]


I-696 ends at I-94. [Closer]

An interesting looking and crowded restaurant after we got off of I-94.

Jefferson Ave./Lake Shore Dr., probably in St. Clair Shores. [1744x1308]

Into Grosse Pointe Shores. [Closer]


There seems to be no place to stop and walk around and see the lake around here. We pulled into a park that turned out to be private, but the guard let us stop to take a picture or two. This is Lake St. Clair. [1744x1308]

The parking lot of the private park. [Closer]

Back on the road in the Grosse Pointe area. [1744x1308]

It's the Grosse Pointe Theater. [1744x1308]

And a shopping district. [Closer]
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