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Beth and Jeff's Wedding, Naples, Florida - June 24, 2006

More reception pictures. The ones taken from a lower angle are by son of the groom, 5-year-old Tucker.

Tucker definitely took this one. [3488x2616]

Sarah and Grant. [3488x2616]



You can tell Tucker took this - lots of ceiling in the shot. [3488x2616]


Sarah and Uncle John, again from a low angle. [3488x2616]


Tucker with a picture of his own shoe. He had six pictures of my shoes that didn't make the cut to put on the web.

Jack and Elizabeth. [3488x2616]

Larry and Nicole. [3488x2616]


Cathy, Judy, Barbara. [3488x2616]

Tucker with rose petals. [3488x2616]

Tucker looking out the stained glass. He said you can't see much through these. [3488x2616]

Gift table. [3488x2616]

Tucker declining to go with his planned babysitter, Sarah. [3488x2616]

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