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Beth and Jeff's Wedding, Naples, Florida - June 24, 2006

The wedding party and Beth and Jeff arrive at the reception.

Raphe, John, Uncle Paul, George. [3488x2616]

George passing out his cards. [3488x2616]

More cards, this time to the one responsible for the whole thing. You know they would never have gotten together without Mari-lynn. [3488x2616]

Time to introduce Beth and Jeff. [3488x2616]

Tucker, while he still had his own camera. [3488x2616]

Jack quickly fills the bride's and groom's glasses with champagne. [3488x2616]

They're back there somewhere. [3488x2616]


Official and unofficial photographers. [3488x2616]

They made it through the crowd. [3488x2616]

Now Shannon takes care of the flowers. [3488x2616]

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