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Mesquite, Texas, to Marianna, Florida - November 22, 2003

The ride along I-20, I-49, I-10, I-12, and back on I-10.

A "252" in Mesquite. [2048x1536]

On I-635, headed back to I-20. [2048x1536]

US 175 is here, too. [2048x1536]

And I-635 ends. [2048x1536] I-20. [2048x1536]

and there's the end. [2048x1536]

Back on I-20 East. [2048x1536]

Crossing US 259 on I-20 near Longview. [2048x1536]

US 259 joins us for a while. [2048x1536]

I-20 and US 259 in eastern Texas. [2048x1536]

They sure have trees in eastern Texas. [2048x1536]


US 59 at a gas stop in Marshall, Texas. [2048x1536]

Entering Louisiana on I-20 East. [2048x1536]

And we get welcomed. [2048x1536]

And we're in Louisiana. [2048x1536]

US 79 and US 80 cross I-20. [2048x1536]

Approaching Shreveport on I-20. [2048x1536]

There's US 171 here. [2048x1536]

From I-20 onto I-49. [2048x1536]

This station, WBAP in Dallas, had a lot of interesting stuff on this 40th anniversary of the assassination of JFK. They played several hours of their actual coverage from that day in real time, 40 years later. [2048x1536]

Crossing US 84 (travelled a lot yesterday) on I-49 South. [2048x1536]

Crossing US 371 on I-49. [2048x1536]

Continuing south on I-49. [2048x1536]

Looking for lunch in Opelousas. [2048x1536]

In Opelausas, Louisiana. [2048x1536]

Back on I-49 and now also US 167. [2048x1536]

Arrival at I-10, at the current southern terminus I-49. [2048x1536]

A lot of I-10 in Louisiana is elevated above swamps. For these stretches, the speed limit drops to 60. [2048x1536]

Approaching the I-10 bridge over the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge. [2048x1536]

Shortly after that, I-10 and I-12 split off. [2048x1536]

A bit of a view of Baton Rouge from the bridge. [2048x1536]

Yes, it's the Mississippi River. [2048x1536]

It's a big river down here, not that you could tell from this picture of the side of the bridge. [2048x1536]

Getting ready to split off onto I-12. [2048x1536]


And it's I-12. [2048x1536]

I guess this is where Baptists go to get their pumpkins. Or maybe anyone can get a Baptist pumpkin. [2048x1536]

Crossing I-55 on I-12. [2048x1536]

Just a number. [2048x1536]

Coming up on the eastern terminus of I-12, at I-10 and I-59. [2048x1536]


Then on into Mississippi. [2048x1536]

The highway is named for someone. [2048x1536]

That actually is just one sign, and it says "Alabama State Line", taken on I-10 East. [2048x1536]

They also welcome us to Alabama, also pretty badly blurred. [2048x1536]

And finally, a blurred "Florida State Line", also on I-10 East. [2048x1536]
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