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Memphis, Tennessee - March 17, 2004

Just a quick stop in Memphis. No time to see much more.

Entering Tennessee on I-40. [2048x1536]


At the I-40 Memphis visitors center, a view of the I-40 bridge over the Mississippi. [2048x1536]

Looking across at Mud Island. [2048x1536]

Downtown Memphis from the visitors center. [2048x1536]

Not quite sure what that's all about. [2048x1536]

There's a giant Elvis in the visitors center. [2048x1536]

A giant egg thing outside the visitors center. [2048x1536]

Now at a parking area right along the river. [2048x1536]


The Mississippi River. And almost to Mississippi. [2048x1536]




Stay behind the fence? [2048x1536]

Some of the grass seemed pretty green for March. Explanation: they're spraying it with something green. [2048x1536]


Getting back on the interstate with the Pyramid in the background. [2048x1536]

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