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Diamond Head, O'ahu, Hawaii - August 23, 2006

A hike in Diamond Head during the late morning (hot and sunny) hours.

Not at Diamond Head yet, this is along Paki Avenue. [3488x2616]

The trees are 8 1/2 feet off the road surface. [Closer]

Arrival at the Diamond Head State Monument.

Inside the Diamond Head crater. [3488x2616]


Starting up the trail. [3488x2616]


Reached the start of the switchbacks. [3488x2616]

We have to go up there. [3488x2616]


We have to go up there. [3488x2616]

We started at 200 feet, and passed 700 on the long staircase. [3488x2616]

After we go up the stairs, we go into the tunnel.

A blocked off old tunnel.

After the second tunnel, we have a spiral staircase. [3488x2616]

The reward - great views. Here, looking down on the Diamond Head Lighthouse. [3488x2616]

Zoom on the lighthouse. [3488x2616]

Back into the crater. [3488x2616]

Back to Honolulu. [3488x2616]

The tunnel into the crater. [3488x2616]

The southern tip of O'ahu. [3488x2616]

Toward Honolulu. [3488x2616]

Waikiki. [3488x2616]



"Stop taking my picture."


Marker at the summit. [Closer]

Tour guy giving some info in an attempt to sign some people up for his private rain forest tours. [3488x2616]

Our route back down. [3488x2616]



One more lighthouse view. [3488x2616]

Back down the spiral stair. [3488x2616]

And down the long staircase. [3488x2616]



Back through the tunnel.


And back at the base, some people whose picture I took with their camera.

Heading out. [Closer]


An unusual yellow warning sign near the Diamond Head area. [Closer]
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