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Hiking Out, August 27, 2000

There's the trail - let's take it.

Terry, Jeff, and Amitha with their packs on and ready to go. Wet tents are heavier than dry tents.

Jeff soon found out just how muddy things became from the overnight rains.

This looks nice.

Wasn't it uphill on the way in? Notice that things are still wet from the rain.

Terry and Jeff crossing some mud on boards. Jeff got much better at this by the time we were done.

Memorial marker at Calamity Pond.


Nice trees.

Terry, Jeff, and Amitha. More uphill.

A flower along the trail.

Negotiating some rocks.

A little waterfall off to the side.

Jeff found the mud again.

I'm not sure what this is supposed to be. Looks like a puddle.

Ah, the mud.

Some of which we will bring home.

This looks like a blowdown, which is apparently pretty common in the Adirondacks. Summer storms can take down entire sections of forest.

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