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Union Hockey - February 24, 2001

Third Period

Brandon Snee stretches before the start of the third.

Harvard wins the faceoff and dumps it in deep.

Players tied up along the near boards.

Play out in front of the Harvard goal.

Assistant Volunteer Coach and senior Jay Varady.

Union in the offensive zone.

And they tie it up, on a goal by Randy Dagenais.

Ready to face off with the score now tied. The good crowd is now into the game.

And just 22 seconds later, Jason Ralph scores to give Union a 3-2 lead.

The Union bench after the go-ahead goal.

The goal scorer, Jason Ralph.

Now, to get the last 12:22 off the board..

Alex Todd with an offensive zone faceoff.

Some pushing and shoving after Snee got knocked over.

The captains discuss the penalties with the referee.

Bryan Yackel (?) looks to keep Harvard from clearing the zone.

Union on defense.

Time out. Actually both teams took a time out.

At 1:28 of the third. Harvard also pulled Jonas at this point.

Leaving the net empty.

Union forced a faceoff in the offensive zone, so Jonas is back on temporarily.

The Union bench looking very upset over a questionable icing call, giving Harvard an offensive zone faceoff...

With just a few seconds left.
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