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Union Hockey vs. Cornell, Senior Night - February 25, 2006

Union's annual senior night ceremony following the game.

Ready for the ceremony. [2048x1536]

Scott Wheeler. [2048x1536]

Scott Wheeler with his family. [2048x1536]


A.J. Palkovich. [2048x1536]

A.J. Palkovich with his family. [2048x1536]

Hockey players with flowers. Not something you see every day. [2048x1536]

Bryan Campbell. [2048x1536]

Bryan Campbell with his family. [2048x1536]

Chris Konnick. [2048x1536]

Chris Konnick with his family. [2048x1536]

Jonathan Poirier. [2048x1536]

Jonathan Poirier with his family. [2048x1536]

Kris Mayotte. [2048x1536]

Kris Mayotte with his family. [2048x1536]

Jason Visser. [2048x1536]

Jason Visser and his family. [2048x1536]

Scott Seney. [2048x1536]

Scott Seney and his family. [2048x1536]

All of the seniors with their families. [2048x1536]



Scott Seney with a few words. [2048x1536]


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