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Day 2 Travel Log

July 8, 2003.

58774 Niagara Falls Super 8 9:07
Local streets in Niagara Falls, New York
58781 Niagara Falls State Park 9:23
Local streets and some highways in Niagara Falls and Lewiston, New York
58794 Entered Ontario, Canada 12:23
Local streets and the Niagara Parkway in Niagara Falls, Ontario
58802 Whirlpool overlook 12:37
Niagara Parkway and others
58826 Entered New York, USA, on the Peace Bridge 1:30
I-190 South, I-90 West
58876 Lunch, Fredonia 2:20-2:48
I-90 West
58906 Entered Pennsylvania 3:15
I-90 West
58952 Entered Ohio 3:55
I-90 West, local streets in Cleveland
59024 Cleveland 5:37-10:40
Local streets in Cleveland, I-90 West, I-71 South, I-480 West
59044 North Ridgeville 11:09

Day 2 Total: 270 miles, Trip so far: 623 miles.

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