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Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota - July 13, 2003

These are from the 0.8-mile loop Coal Vein Trail.

The story of the 26-year underground coal fire in this area. [1024x768][2048x1536]




A layer of coal underground was ignited by lightning. Many areas collapsed as the fire burned underneath. [1024x768][2048x1536]

North-facing slopes have much more vegetation that south-facing ones. [1024x768][2048x1536]

More lichens for Cathy's lessons next year. [1024x768][2048x1536]

This rabbit was not afraid of us. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Maybe it was actually curious. [1024x768][2048x1536]


Or it just wanted to chew on this grass. [1024x768][2048x1536]

There's a North Dakota cactus. [1024x768][2048x1536]

This chunk of scoria is called a clinker, fused together by high heat. [1024x768][2048x1536]

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