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Dubois, Wyoming, to Rapid City, South Dakota - July 17, 2003

Sign and road pictures from July 17 that were not worthy of inclusion on the main picture pages.

US 26 and US 287 split. [1024x768][2048x1536]

We joined up with Wyoming 789 in Riverton. [1024x768][2048x1536]

There we go on US 26 and Wyoming 789. [1024x768][2048x1536]

We're actually going to go west on US 20 for a while, but in reality, it's north. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Yes, we are. [1024x768][2048x1536]

We passed Wyoming 120. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Some big state highway numbers. [1024x768][2048x1536]

And another. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Junction with US 16 in Worland. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Down into Buffalo. [1024x768][2048x1536]

They sometimes close roads in the winter. This is on US 14 headed toward Devils Tower. [1024x768][2048x1536]

We took Wyoming 111 back to the interstate. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Now in South Dakota, we're on a few roads. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Arrival in Rapid City. [1024x768][2048x1536]
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