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Leawood, Kansas, to St. Louis, Missouri - July 20, 2003

These are the sign pictures from the day. They didn't make the cut for the actual picture pages.

Heading out of Kansas toward Missouri on I-435. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Time to leave Kansas. [1024x768][2048x1536]

And enter Missouri. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Still on I-435 but now in Missouri. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Junction with I-470. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Now on to I-470. [1024x768][2048x1536]

And we're on it. [1024x768][2048x1536]

US 50 splits off. [1024x768][2048x1536]

And Missouri 291 joins us. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Coming up on I-70. [1024x768][2048x1536]

I-470 ends here at I-70. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Yes, right here. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Headed east on I-70. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Cathy's exit. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Crossing US 63. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Crossing US 61. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Junction with Missouri 370, the wide bypass of St. Louis. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Junction with I-270 outside St. Louis. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Passing US 67. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Lots of interstates in downtown St. Louis. [1024x768][2048x1536]

More I-55 and I-44. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Historic US 66 is around here. [1024x768][2048x1536]

And now we're on I-44. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Coming up on I-270 and more. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Closer. [1024x768][2048x1536]

The exit for a lot of US highways. [1024x768][2048x1536]

You can get to a lot of places from here. [1024x768][2048x1536]

You can get a lot of places from this way, too. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Lots of shields. [1024x768][2048x1536]

And more. [1024x768][2048x1536]

More on I-44.. [1024x768][2048x1536]

In southern St. Louis area. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Missouri 366 is the old US 66 route through here. [1024x768][2048x1536]

And it's marked as such. [1024x768][2048x1536]

They have U-Turn instructions. [1024x768][2048x1536]

Key West in St. Louis County. [1024x768][2048x1536]
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