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Union Hockey Playoff at Quinnipiac - March 3, 2007

The game.

Play in the corner near our seats. [Crop/Zoom: 1255x1355]

[Crop/Zoom: 1122x1455]

[Crop/Zoom: 1430x1733]

[Crop/Zoom: 3031x1133]

[Crop/Zoom: 937x886]

[Crop/Zoom: 1308x1994]

[Crop/Zoom: 3338x1272]

[Crop/Zoom: 2130x1312]

[Crop/Zoom: 1169x2487]

[Larger: 1744x1308]

Scoreless midway through the first. [Larger: 1744x1308]

[Crop/Zoom: 1419x1626]

Union is in penalty trouble, as happened so much during the season. [Larger: 1744x1308]

[Crop/Zoom: 1912x1966]

[Larger: 1744x1308]

After killing off the penalties, they get the game's first goal off the stick of Lane Caffaro. [Larger: 1744x1308]

First intermission entertainment.

Second period. We moved up to the standing area to get a better view of the game. [Larger: 1744x1308]

[Larger: 1744x1308]

Still 1-0 Union 5 minutes into the second. [Larger: 1744x1308]

[Crop/Zoom: 2090x650]

[Crop/Zoom: 2155x712]

By late in the 2nd, it's 2-1 Quinnipiac. [Larger: 1744x1308]

[Larger: 1744x1308]

[Crop/Zoom: 1951x886]

[Larger: 1744x1308]

Now in the third, Union ties it up at 2. [Crop/Zoom: 1222x958]

Tie game in the third. [Larger: 1744x1308]

Trouble for Union - Quinnipiac is up 4-2. [Larger: 1744x1308]

[Larger: 1744x1308]

[Crop/Zoom: 1901x657]

Thanks to a big rally, it's 4-4 late in the third. [Larger: 1744x1308]

Union with a chance to take the lead on the power play. [Crop/Zoom: 2066x1461]

[Crop/Zoom: 1908x861]

[Larger: 1744x1308]

And we head to overtime. [Larger: 1744x1308]

[Crop/Zoom: 2144x1419]

In overtime, it's a Quinnipiac power play. [Crop/Zoom: 1268x475]

And they take advantage. [Larger: 1744x1308]

[Larger: 1744x1308]

[Larger: 1744x1308]

[Larger: 1744x1308]

[Larger: 1744x1308]
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