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Elizabeth's Bridal Shower and Rehearsal Dinner Rehearsal - May 27-28, 2007

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The view from the patio where the bridal shower was held. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Another view. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Heading inside for lunch. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Elizabeth's happy food face. [Full size: 2816x2112]

Flowers - purple is the bride's color. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Gifts all wrapped in purple paper. [Larger: 1408x1056]

The groom arrives and talks with Elizabeth's grandmother. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Opening the gifts. [Larger: 1408x1056]

There are hats to wear to identify the guests of honor. [Larger: 1408x1056]

John gets one, too. What a sport! [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Cookie-making gear. Excellent! [Larger: 1408x1056]

John tackles a big box.

Uh, Elizabeth, do you know what you're getting into? [Larger: 1408x1056]

Our excellent hosts. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Elizabeth's family. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Ice cream maker! [Larger: 1408x1056]

Ice cream scoop. Yup, they like food. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Hand crank flashlights. In case a hurricane hits the Great Lakes. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Making the rehearsal bouquets. [Larger: 1408x1056]

John and Elizabeth. [Full size: 2816x2112]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Schlafly's where we rehearsed the rehearsal dinner. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Phil tries the ice cream that tastes like beer. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Antoinette tries out the beer ice cream. [Larger: 1408x1056]

John and Phil give it a thumbs up. [Larger: 1408x1056]
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