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Otsego Lake

These pictures were taken with my Canon A540 digital camera at Otsego Lake on July 11, 2007. Images are shown at a resolution of 640x480, but many are available in full size or cropped from the originals or in half of original size by clicking on the links after the captions.

Sorry, no one needs to see this... [Larger: 1408x1056]

Erin and Sophie. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Erin, with the "cabin" in the background. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

The cabin and beach. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Sophie's toes.

Sophie brings out the drum as she and Erin prepare to do an "anti-rain" dance. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Now it's a parade. [Larger: 1408x1056]

The dancing begins. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Isn't that attractive? [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1056x1408]

Erin - self-portrait. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1056x1408]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Rain in the forecast. [Larger: 1408x1056]

I think Sophie took this picture of Jim. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Sophie still has the camera. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Ducks. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Erin, with her catlike quickness, managed to capture a dead fish. You can see it floating in the cup. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Baby duck. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Erin is convinced she can separate a baby from the mom and catch it.. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Here she goes... [Larger: 1408x1056]


Later in the day we gather sticks for marshmallow roasting. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Shannon and Michele start a fire. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Callie reads a book. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Erin reads the marshmallow ingredients. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Sophie is going to be dangerous once that stick gets heated in the fire. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Sophie with a flaming stick. Notice that Jim has abandoned his chair. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Erin's marshmallow is on fire. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Callie puts out a fire. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Sophie has managed to start a fire, too. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Jim, staying far away from flaming snacks, cooks his own. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Callie has some trouble with a marshmallow. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Her thoughtful pose. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Michele takes a big bite. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Notice that there are now cups and bowls of water to put out any small fires. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Sophie and Callie on fire. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Sarah. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Sophie and Erin labeled the animals that joined them on the trip. [Crop/Zoom: 924x352]
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