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Snorkeling at Grecian Rocks Reef

These pictures were taken with my Canon A540 digital camera at John Pennekamp State Park on July 24, 2007. Images are shown at a resolution of 640x480, but many are available in full size or cropped from the originals or in half of original size by clicking on the links after the captions.

Beth and Sarah before we get on the boat, the Dolphin. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Beth was the only one waving and taking pictures as we left the dock. [Crop/Zoom: 803x714]

One of the "rocks" at Grecian Rock. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Our first shark of the day - a reef shark. You should have seen how big Sarah's eyes got. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Blue tang. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Purple sea fans. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Wrasse. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Red sponge. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Christmas tree worms. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Bluestriped grunt under a sea fan. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Longspined sea urchin. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Some kind of parrotfish. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Yellowtail damselfish. [Larger: 1408x1056]

The tail of a nurse shark. We'll need to investigate close up... [Larger: 1408x1056]

Yup, a five foot nurse shark. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Gotta dive down and see it up close. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Crop/Zoom: 1997x1187]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Sarah. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Gray angelfish. [Larger: 1408x1056]

No idea what this is. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Fire coral in the background. We'll stay away from that. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Sea urchin. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Sergeant major. Beth's favorite fish. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Sea anemone and if you look closely, there is a sea spider on the upper left part of the anemone. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Sea urchin [Larger: 1408x1056]

Sponge. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Two trumpetfish and a bluestriped grunt. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Trumpetfish trying to hide in the coral. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

The trumpetfish is annoyed with us and is taking off. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Blue tang [Larger: 1408x1056]

Bleached coral. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Black margate [Larger: 1408x1056]

Conch [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Rainbow parrotfish chomping down on some coral. Short movie coming soon.. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Hogfish. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Taking a break for some water. [Larger: 1408x1056]

Sarah checks out the idiot taking off his fin. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Sarah upsidedown. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Christmastree worm. [Larger: 1408x1056]

The beach where Beth hung out and read Harry Potter while Sarah and I braved the dangers of the reef. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

The Pennekamp gift shop. [Larger: 1408x1056]

[Larger: 1408x1056]

Beth kicked the garbage can to scare away any wildlife before she opened the lid. [Larger: 1408x1056]
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