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Eastern Colorado - April 28, 2004

US 50 from the Kansas line to the mountains.

Arrival in Colorado on US 50. [2048x1536]

It's the Santa Fe Trail Auto Tour Route. [2048x1536]

Joining up with US 385 in Granada. [2048x1536]

And US 287 in Lamar. [2048x1536]


Lamar business district. [2048x1536]

US 287 heads north and we stay westbound on US 50. [2048x1536]

No mountains, yet. So far, it looks an awful lot like Kansas. [2048x1536]

US 350 splits off in La Junta. So does the Santa Fe Trail. [2048x1536]

Rocky Ford. [2048x1536]

Don's "For Lad and Dad" Shoes in Rocky Ford. [2048x1536]

Continuing through Rocky Ford. [2048x1536]

Arrival at I-25 in Pueblo. [2048x1536]


West out of Pueblo on US 50. Toward those mountains. [2048x1536]

Mountains blocked by traffic signals in Cañon City. Not far now. [2048x1536]
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