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Yankees vs Blue Jays, May 29, 1999

The first of the two games we attended between the Yankees and Blue Jays at Sky Dome was a 4:05 start on Saturday, May 29, 1999. The Yankees won, 8-3. The dome was open on a beautiful Saturday. The stadium itself is amazing. Our seats were in the club level (200 level) and it was like no baseball stadium I've been to. The corridors were carpeted and I think even air-conditioned, the seats were like those in a nice movie theater, and the food selection was great. I tried my first McDog. It wasn't bad, but far from what you get in the Bronx. But it was also far better than what I've had in some places. The biggest disappointment was the seventh-inning stretch. No "Take Me Out To the Ballgame" here. It was a bad sign that they started playing this song apparently called "Let's Play Ball", but to make it worse they had some sort of Richard Simmons dancers out on the field to lead the fans in their stretch. What a mess. There were also plenty of New Yorkers who made the trip up. I'd guess at least one third of the crowd was there to see the Yankees. And the game was pretty good too, with some great pitching from David Cone and another big day for Derek Jeter.

Willie Randolph during BP.

The SkyDome roof opening.


Yankee BP.

Zimmer and Torre.


Toronto's banners.

Chad Curtis in BP.

Tino Martinez before the game.

The stadium filling up.

David Cone heading to the pen for pregame warmups.

Chuck Knoblauch leading off.

The Yankees in their road greys.


Jorge Posada catches a Cone pitch.


Posada swings.

Pat Hentgen.


Carlos Delgado holds someone on first.


Derek Jeter.




Jeter (he should just hit the ball and get it over with).

Paul O'Neill.

Bernie Williams.


Chili Davis.

Cone to Posada.

Not sure.

Tino takes the throw on a Delgado groundout.


Cone holds on Tony Fernandez.

Knoblauch can't make the play.

O'Neill can't make the play.

Jason Grimsley on in relief.

Left field corner.

Jeter catches a popup.

Jeter makes the play.

Looks like it might be Jeter.

Shane Spencer's home run swing.

Shane Spencer touches the plate after his second home run of the season.

Pinch hitter Luis Sojo.

Grimsley delivers.

Ground ball to Brosius, and...

The Yankees win.
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