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Brenner, Italy - February 12, 2007

The small town of Brenner is right on the Italy-Austria border.

Almost back to Austria. [Closer]


We decided to park and look around and look for some lunch. [1744x1308]

We chose this little restaurant, which was very good. [1744x1308]

Walking north toward the border. [1744x1308]

Some Brenner history. [Closer]

The church next to the information sign above. [1744x1308]


That's where the train crosses the border. [Closer]

Cars entering Italy learn about default speed limits. [Closer]

The border is marked on the side of this building. [1744x1308]

This marker is at the border itself. [1744x1308]


Sign fro Austria on the now-abandoned customs station. [1744x1308]

The old border crossing station. No longer used in an EU world. [1744x1308]

The Italia sign again. [1744x1308]
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