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Stubai Glacier Ski Area, Austria - February 14, 2007

Afternoon runs. All over the place.

Up the red gondola after lunch (the Gondelbahn Esgrat II). [1408x1056]



Our run before lunch came down this way. [2816x2112]

And that way. [2816x2112]

And started up there. Can you see imprints of fallen skiers? [2816x2112]

Eisgrat lodge area. [1408x1056]

Eisgrat. [2816x2112]

The way back down to the good stuff we skied before lunch. [1408x1056]

A closer view of the spot we had trouble with earlier. [1408x1056]


Jumping ahead, this is at the Top of Tyrol, which is the top unloading station for the Gondelbahn Schaufeljoch. This is what you should see out the window. [Closer]

And this is what we see, now that it has started to snow. [1408x1056]

More of what you're supposed to see. [Closer]

And that view now. [1408x1056]


German sign warning skiers not to try to ski the sheer, rocky cliff beyond. [Closer]

Menu at the Jochdohle. [1408x1056]

Outside of the Jochdohle.


More correctly, the Jochdohle 3000. [1408x1056]


The windy summit of the short and steep Doppelsesselbahn Wildspitz. [1408x1056]



The snow is nice, but visibility is horrible with white snow on the ground and white snow falling. [1408x1056]


Down to our final runs. This is the first chair we took in the morning, but now the bubble to shield us from the wind and snow really comes in handy. [Closer]

View through the bubble. [1408x1056]

Don't forget to lift the bubble. [1408x1056]
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