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Innsbruck, Austria - February 15, 2007

The walk to get lunch.

The conference center, with a background of construction and excellent mountains. [1744x1308]

The theater across the street from the conference center. [1744x1308]

One of the narrow streets in the old town. [1744x1308]


A building near the hotel. [Closer]

The famous Golden Roof. [3488x2616]

The city tower -- we'll go up there after lunch. [3488x2616]



Out of the old town and into the city: this is Burg-Graben. [1744x1308]

I think this is Museumstrasse. [1744x1308]

One of the museums. [1744x1308]

And as always, spectacular mountain views as a backdrop. [3488x2616]


Spitalkirche on Maria-Theresien Strasse. [1744x1308]



The Annas&aule;ule along Maria-Theresien Strasse. [3488x2616]

Last night's dinner stop. [1744x1308]

I believe this was Anichstrasse. [1744x1308]

With yet another spectacular view. [1744x1308]


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