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Innsbruck, Austria - February 15, 2007

A walk up the City Tower in Innsbruck's Old Town.

The first of the 148 steps. [1744x1308]

Up. [1744x1308]

Up. [1744x1308]

Up. [1744x1308]

Made it. [1744x1308]

Looking west. [3488x2616]

A bit more south. [3488x2616]

View north. The large church is Dom Zu St. Jacob. [3488x2616]

Zooming in up high on the mountains to the north. [Closer]


Dom Zu St. Jacob. [3488x2616]

Looking southwest. Very sad to see so many ski slopes with little snow in the middle of February. [Closer]

A bit more toward the south. [Closer]


I believe this is part of the Innsbruck-Igls ski area. [1744x1308]

Olympic ski jump. [1744x1308]

View to the south. [1744x1308]

Southwest. [1744x1308]


Looking down into old town. [3488x2616]

Off to the west. [3488x2616]

View west. [1744x1308]


The tunnels that take the A13 autobahn up into the mountains to the south. [Closer]

Some of these are a little redundant. [3488x2616]

Old town. Our hotel is just behind the white and pink building on the corner. The River Inn is flowing just behind old town. [1744x1308]


Back down. [1744x1308]
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