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Drive through Austria - February 16, 2007

The drive from the Inn valley north toward Germany through the Seefield area.

Some buildings up on the hill. [Larger: 1744x1308]

[Larger: 1744x1308]

A church up on a rock. [Crop/Zoom: 975x822]

There was a small restaurant and parking area at a hairpin turn as we climed out of the valley, so we stopped. This is looking back toward Innsbruck. [Larger: 1744x1308]

[Larger: 1744x1308]

[Larger: 1744x1308]

The runaway truck ramp sign. [Larger: 1744x1308]

The hairpin turn. [Larger: 1744x1308]

More great scenery. [Larger: 1744x1308]

Some Austrian sheep.

In or near Seefield. [Larger: 1744x1308]

[Crop/Zoom: 2973x790]

This may be near Seefield. [Larger: 1744x1308]

[Crop/Zoom: 1616x804]

8 km up from the autobahn. [Crop/Zoom: 3456x1526]

[Larger: 1744x1308]

[Larger: 1308x1744]

[Larger: 1744x1308]

[Larger: 1744x1308]

This may already be Germany -- not sure. [Larger: 1308x1744]
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