Amsterdam High School Band Trip to Walt Disney World - April 7-10, 1988

These pictures were taken with a Polaroid Sun 600 camera on the 1988 Amsterdam High School Marching Rams trip to Walt Disney World in Florida, and (much) later scanned in.

Images are shown at a resolution of 512x622, but are also available in their full-size 1024x1245 original scans by clicking on the links after the captions (which were written on the backs of the originals in 1988).

April 8, 1988

Steve LaMere, John Wilary, Susie Slechta in front of Thunder Mtn. R.R. [1024x1245]

Ron Bull at WDW's River Country. [1024x1245]

John Wilary at River Country. [1024x1245]

John Wilary and Susie Slechta at EPCOT Center's Morocco. [1024x1245]

The Living Seas, EPCOT Center. Susie Slechta, John Wilary, Steve LaMere. [1024x1245]

Spaceship Earth from near The Living Seas. [1024x1245]

Figment, Journey Into Imagination, Epcot Center. [1024x1245]

Apx. 11 PM in front of EPCOT Center's France. Susie Slechta, John Wilary, Steve LaMere. [1024x1245]

Apx. 11 PM in front of EPCOT Center's Journey into Imagination. Susie Slechta, John Wilary, Steve LaMere. [1024x1245]

About midnight. Sue Mucilli, Maureen Hegarty, Aileen Torres in the TTC parking lot at WDW. [1024x1245]

April 9, 1988

View from Room 180 of Rodeway Inn Eastgate Rte. 192, Kissimmee, FL. [1024x1245]

EPCOT Center's World of Motion. [1024x1245]

April 10, 1988

Early A.M. (apx. 1 AM). Tom Perito at a gas stop in Roanoke Rapids, NC. [1024x1245]
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