Cross Country Trip - August 10-31, 1985

This trip took us from Amsterdam, New York, across the northern U.S. with the big stops being Badlands National Park, the Black Hills of South Dakota, and Yellowstone National Park. From there, it was south through Salt Lake City and across Nevada to Lake Tahoe and on to San Francisco. Then on down the Pacific Coast Highway to the LA area for Hollywood, Disneyland, the beaches, and a ride down to San Diego and a walk across into Tijuana. From there, it was up to Las Vegas, across the Hoover Dam to the Grand Canyon and then right on home.

Over 20 years after the trip, I've scanned in a lot of pictures.

Details of the trip from mileages to start and stop times and where we had lunch can be found in the scans of the trip log. There is a page of my pictures taken with a Polaroid instant camera, complete with original captions as written back in 1985. These are all on one page: [75 Pictures].

The big collection is below -- scans of the pages of the main photo album from the trip. The pictures were taken with a regular 35mm camera. Thumbnails of each page here are links to larger versions of that page. The page containing each of those includes links to the largest scans of each photo. My best guesses for the routes travelled are shown for each day.

August 10, 1985

Route: From Amsterdam, New York, I-90 West to I-290 West and I-190 North in Buffalo. Unknown route through Niagara Falls and across into Ontario. QEW to the Hamilton area, then an unknown route to Ontario 401 West. Ontario 401 West to Windsor, where we crossed back into the U.S. into Detroit on the Ambassador Bridge. I-94 across southern Michigan and to Gary, Indiana. Here, we picked up I-90 again and continued into Wisconsin into the night (about 1000 miles on the day by midnight).

August 11, 1985

Route: Through Wisconsin and Minnesota on I-90 through the night and into the early morning. Continued on I-90 across South Dakota to the eastern end of the Badlands loop. Badlands loop through the park to Wall, and back on I-90 to Rapid City for the night. (about 800 more miles on the day).

August 12, 1985

Route: US 16 West out of Rapid City into the Black Hills. Probably Alt. US 16 to Custer State Park, then drove the Custer State Park wildlife loop. US 16 West from Custer into Wyoming and to I-90. US 14 (probably) across the Bighorn Mountains to Cody. (about 460 miles).

August 13, 1985

Route: US 14/16/20 from Cody into Yellowstone National Park. Drove the northern part of the park loop from Fishing Bridge up to Canyon, Tower, Mammoth Hot Springs, and back down to the west entrance and out to West Yellowstone, Montana. (almost 200 miles on the day).

August 14, 1985

Route: From West Yellowstone, Montana, back into the west entrance of Yellowstone National Park. Took the southwestern part of the main loop through Old Faithful and down into the West Thumb area. US 89 (and others) South into Grand Teton National Park. US 89 through Jackson and into Idaho and then Utah. I-15 South to I-80 West and into Nevada just before midnight. (about 550 miles).

August 15, 1985

Route: I-80 West through the night across Nevada to Reno. (about 400 miles).

The only picture is the last one on the last page from the 14th.

August 16, 1985

Route: Unknown from Reno to South Lake Tahoe, California. California 89 North back to I-80 at Truckee. I-80 West into San Francisco. US 101 North to Mill Valley. (about 350 miles).

August 17, 1985

Route: US 101 and California 1 to Muir Woods. California 1 and US 101 into San Francisco. Unknown route south to San Jose (probably US 101). (a little over 100 miles for the day).

August 18, 1985

Route: Unknown routes (probably a lot of US 101 and local roads) from San Jose up to San Francisco, and back. (just over 100 miles for the day).

August 19, 1985

Route: Probably California 17 to California 1/Pacific Coast Highway. Pacific Coast Highway and US 101 south into Los Angeles. Freeways including I-10 and I-5 to Buena Park. (about 475 miles).

August 20, 1985

Route: Lots of LA freeways from Buena Park to Burbank, Hollywood, Pasadena, and back to Buena Park. (about 225 miles).

August 21, 1985

Route: Freeways and local roads from Buena Park to Anaheim, Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, Gardena, Carson, and back to Buena Park. (about 175 miles).

August 22, 1985

Route: Freeways and local roads from Buena Park to Disneyland and back. (probably less than 20 miles).

August 23, 1985

Route: Mainly I-5 from Buena Park to Tijuana and back. (probably around 200 miles).

August 24, 1985

Route: Freeways and local roads from Buena Park up to Los Angeles and back. (probably around 40 miles).

August 25, 1985

Route: Probably California 57 to I-10 West to I-15 North to Las Vegas. (around 300 miles).

August 26, 1985

Route: US 93 from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Kingman, Arizona. I-40 to Williams. Arizona 64 North to Tusayan. (around 275 miles).

August 27, 1985

Route: Arizona 64 from Tusayan through Grand Canyon National Park to US 89 at Cameron. US 89 South to I-40 East to Winslow. (about 175 miles).

August 28, 1985

Route: I-40 East from Winslow through the day and night to somewhere in the eastern Texas panhandle when midnight came. (around 600 miles).

August 29-31, 1985

Route: I-40 East from Texas to I-44 East at Oklahoma City. I-44 East all the way to St. Louis. (stop for the night of the 29th in Terre Haute -- mileage for the 29th around 850 miles). I-70 East to Indianapolis. I-74 East to Cincinnatti area. Unknown routes through the Northern Kentucky area to Fort Thomas. Probably I-71 to I-90 back to Amsterdam. (around 950 miles on the 30th and 31st).

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